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In a similar way to choosing a name for your business, having the right domain name can make a tremendous difference to the responce one gets from the market place. The growing use of the Internet and the millions of addresses available requires people to strategically choose their domain name.

Our Metals can help make a positive difference to the success of your business by providing a domain name from our list, which is relevant to your business, easy to remember, contains a key word, search engine optimized and already attracts traffic from target audience. We can:

  • rent a strategic domain from our list on exclusive basis;
  • sell a strategic domain from our list;
  • acquire a strategic domain for you according to your preference;
  • rent out an e-mail addresses from our list (POP3 as well as admin interface);
  • advertise your products & services across more than 350 metallurgical websites.

Search our list of domains by products, metals and domain extentions in the web domains search engine box on the right hand side corner above Advertisers.

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We also offer PR and international marketing services ...

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